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OCR is the abbreviation of Optical character recognition. The best scanning software enables you to extract text from an image and convert it into an editable text document. If you need the text from an image you don’t have to sit and type in the whole text. Instead all you have to do is use Free OCR dot com’s best OCR software to convert it into editable text.

There are various OCR software’s available, yet, most of them have more features, but, you have to install them and they are commercial and costly. It doesn’t make much sense to spend so much money on scanning software that you will use a few times a year. So, this is where Free OCR dot com comes in. Key Features

Free OCR dot com has a lot of features that comes along with their best OCR software. However, there main features are they are free, they can take a variety of formats, and they support a variety of different languages. Prices

Free OCR is 100% free. However, in the future they may add in more features that will be accompanied with a small fee. So, when using Free OCR you can have peace of mind knowing they are Free OCR legit. Not to mention the fact that since they are not charging you any money to use their document scanning software you do not have to worry about Free OCR scam or Free OCR fraud. Reviews Found

No Free OCR reviews could be found throughout the web. However, this is not uncommon when it comes to free services. Usually when services are free people do not tend to leave reviews simply because there is no reason to complain about the service since you are in fact not spending your money to use the service in the first place. So, give them a shot you may find that they are very helpful when it comes to OCR software.