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New OCR dot com is one of the free online OCR services that can analyze the text in any image file that you upload and then convert the text from the image into text that you can easily edit on your computer. The website does not require you to download any software to your computer to use their OCR scanning services instead everything can be done directly from their website, Some people may say that this is one of the best OCR software’s because they are free and very easy to use. Key Features

Just like any of the other OCR services available on the web New OCR has a lot of features that comes along with using their document scanning services. However, we are just going to showcase their key features today. The key features of New OCR dot com are: unlimited downloads, they do not require you to register to use their OCR services, they keep your data safe and secure (they remove all of your files from the server), they are based on Tesseract OCR engine, they recognize language support, they have a page layout analysis, they allow page rotation, they have different ways for you to display and process the resulting text (i.e. download as a file, edit in Google Docs, translate using Google Translate, publish online, and copy to clipboard), supports poorly scanned and photographed pages, and supports low resolution images. Prices

To use New OCR dot com it is 100% free. Reviews Found

Currently, no New OCR dot com reviews could be located. However, we do not believe any New OCR dot com scam or New OCR dot com fraud is going on due to the fact that they do not charge people to use their online OCR services. So, it is safe to assume that they are 100% New OCR dot com legit. Even in the event that you do not like their OCR scanning services you have still not lost anything because you do not have to spend any money at all paying to use the best document scanning services.