OCRSDK.com Review

OCRSDK.com Review

OCRSDK dot com is one of the best OCR software websites that offers cloud OCR services to their clients. They are classified as being one of the high end OCR services and they even allow their customers to try out their OCR services with a free trial. They can be used on mobile devices which is what makes them one of the best scanning software’s that are on the market right now. 

OCRSDK.com Key Features

Just like all of the other best OCR software’s out there OCRSDK brings a lot of features to the table. Some of their key features include, their award winning accuracy, the ability to scale up in minutes, they are perfect for Android and iPhone, they allow their customers to save with free features, and many more.

OCRSDK.com Prices

ABBY Cloud OCR SDK has a several packages for their users to choose from. The most basic package that they offer users in need of OCR scanning services is 100% free. The most expensive plan for enterprises requires the contacting of customer support for the rate. However, the package a step lower from that – Volume Pack XXL – is $899.99. If you someone who will rarely use the OCR software it is recommended that you go with the free version to avoid wasting your money.

OCRSDK.com Reviews Found

Currently there are no ABBY Cloud OCR SDK reviews available on the web. However, if you look at the bottom of their website you will see that they have references of satisfied partners that they have worked with. Some of the companies that they mention are big names so it makes it look they are are OCRSDK dot legit and not running any type of OCRSDK dot com scam or OCRSDK dot com fraud. However, if you want to be sure you can always ask them, before ordering, if they could direct you to their reviews or give you some references to contact.