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If you have wanted to avoid having to retype a document Online OCR dot net is the way to do so. They are one of the free OCR services that have a web based Optical Character Recognition software that allows you to convert scanned PDF documents, faxes, photographs or digital camera captured images into editable and searchable electronic documents such as , Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and many more.  Majority of the customers who do business with them refer to them as being one of the best scanning services because their converted documents look exactly like the originals.

If you use Online OCR dot net as your OCR service you will find that you will be able to process documents in thirty two languages, such as English, Greek, German and more. They even have a free service available in guest mode so you do not have to register which gives you access to convert 15 images per hour. However, if you do decide to become a registered user you will have access to additional features that guests cannot access such as the ability to recognize large images, ZIP archives and multipage PDF, choose recognition languages, convert into editable formats and a multitude of other settings.  Key Features

Online OCR has a lot of free features that comes with their OCR scanning services. However, the key features are they are able to recognize 32 languages, support various input formats, and support various output formats. Prices

Online OCR offers their OCR services free of cost.  Reviews Found

Currently there are no Online OCR dot net reviews available. However, since they are a free OCR service you do not have to worry about them being an Online OCR dot net scam or Online OCR dot net fraud. There is no need to think that they are not Online OCR dot net legit due to the fact that they are not charging you any money. So, you have nothing to lose if you do business with them.