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Scantronix is one of the customer focused document scanning companies. They encourage active client involvement at all of the digitizing process levels, and look forward to helping their customers create the best transition to a paperless office. Scantronix has a flexible, cost effective, innovative approach, and they are efficient when it comes to document conversion solutions which focus on the exact requirements of their clients.

Scantronix was founded in 1996 as a medical records service provide for premier New York City hospitals and medical centers. They have aided in the processing, scanning, and retrieval of important patient medical records, which they continue doing to this very day. In 2002, Scantronix expanded their services to encompass all types of document management and document scanning. This makes them a valuable asset to all industries, regardless of the size of their documents or the volume of papers that need to be scanned. They employ a fast turn-around time to ensure that all of their client’s needs are met quickly.

Scantronix is one of the online OCR services that is based in the New York City area and services a variety of different locations throughout the United States. Key Features

Since Scantronix is considered to be one of the best OCR software’s it is no surprise that they have a lot of features. However, their key features are: high grade optical scanning, archival preservation, microfilm and microfiche digitizing, digitation and electronic document processing, high quality digital images from all types of materials, high speed document scanning, large format scanning, blueprint scanning, x-ray scanning, and e-file conversion. Prices

To find out how much charges you have to contact them directly. Reviews Found

Scantronix dot net reviews that have been left have been amazing. They are definitely Scantronix dot net legit and they have no Scantronix dot net scam or Scantronix dot net fraud taking place in their OCR services. This is definitely one of the OCR services that come highly recommended.